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"Since 2006, CTS has been dedicated to helping businesses and individuals save time, money, and headaches by providing customized computer-based solutions. You could spend hours on-line trying to find an application you hope will make your business more effective, sifting through hundreds of links, pop-ups, and forums, exposing your network to dangerous viruses and spy-ware in the process...and maybe find a program that does exactly what you need. More than likely you'll waste money on high-priced, amateur-designed programs and still end up doing a lot of the work yourself. Or, you could have CTS design a secure, professional, user-friendly system that is tailored to the specific needs of your company.”

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Investing in Your Success

“CTS is an investment opportunity, not merely services or products for sale. Our goal is to increase your profits by developing applications that will significantly reduce your time spent on daily and weekly tasks, allowing you to focus your efforts and payroll on what’s really important in your business. We also endeavour to improve the quality of each employee's work day, making their job easier and less stressful by automating or simplifying routine tedious tasks, organizing and providing accurate data, and allowing them to produce at an overall higher level.”

Relationships, Not Money

“Creating and maintaining strong relationships with our clients is the key to customer satisfaction and thus is vitally important to the success of our company - and yours. Since our products are designed specifically for your business, the development phase often continues even after you first use the application. We know that your business is constantly changing, and we want to assist you in tweaking and upgrading your delivered software as often and for as long as needed. Once you see how much time and money our solutions save, we’ll both be eager in finding more and more ways we can streamline your operations and ultimately take your business to the next level.”

We Are A Global Business Making A Difference

Lima, Peru

The best way to reinforce training is to have the students teach the material they've learned back to the teacher. - Lima, Peru.

Huntsville, Alabama

With Darien Claxton in Huntsville, Alabama.

Solving problems as a team is very satisfying and often quite entertaining! — with Darien Claxton in Lima, Peru.

Swakopmund, Namibia

Application functions training — in Swakopmund, Namibia.

On-site train-the-trainer sessions — in Swakopmund, Namibia.

Training content demo — with Darien Claxton at Nuevo Balsas Guerrero, Mexico.


100% tailored to your company's needs

ClaxTrack Solutions Inc. has been creating and supporting software and other computer-based solutions since 2006. We will design a secure, professional, and user-friendly system that is tailored to the needs of your company. 100% tailored to your company's needs.

Automate or simplify your routine tasks

Increase your profits by reducing your time spent on daily and weekly tasks, and focus your efforts and payroll on what's really important in your business. Let us help make your work day and job easier and less stressful by automating or simplifying routine tedious task, organize and provide you with accurate data, and allow you to produce at a higher level.

Ongoing support to meet your needs

• Improving the interface graphics and/or visual layout
• Adding or modifying existing functionality
• Troubleshooting issues left behind by previous developers

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our clients say

When you want to create a strategic partnership with one of Tucsons best businessmen then Darien Claxton is the one to choose. His passion for growth and customer service is second to none and should be emulated by all. He is a God warrior, I look forward to a life long business relationship.

Dan Wilkins

3G Consulting LLC., Sales Manager

Darien Claxton is an outgoing professional with great goals. He has a very focused vision for Clax Track Solutions and the software they develop. There are few businesses that engage their clientele the way Clax Track Solutions does.

Raoul Garza

EnerJoust, Energized Marketing