Learning Management Systems

Make sure your employees are the best they can be by providing them with all the tools they need to succeed. Your company can have its own software to help train, test, and track the performance of your employees. Trainer tools help your instructors easily edit the training, assign certifications, track renewal status as well as performance, and more.

PTracker Pro

PTracker Pro is a SQL Server-based, multi-language online learning management system that organizes and launches client training content, administers electronic tests, and tracks performance data. Click to learn more about PTracker Pro software.

User Information Database

Create and edit fields and sub-fields for storing desired data for users of multiple access levels. Data can be manually entered or imported from Excel.

Trainer Tools

Trainers can edit the training content structure, customize electronic tests, assign user certifications, and track their renewal status, among other functions.

Electronic Tests

Once trainees have launched and studied the training content, they can take electronic tests.

Performance Tracking

Supervisors and trainers can create a multitude of standard and custom reports to display data such as test scores and answer results, time spent in each training module, and completed certifications.

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